Voodoo Scooter Club of NOLA *Long* Scooter Ride!

The Voodoo Scooter Club of New Orleans will be hosting a *Long* Scooter Ride on Friday, 3/17.

Meet up at our shop, FX MC Repairs – 3248 Chippewa Street – at 9am.

Free tire checks and air for anyone in need.
We will also have water and some other treats.

Scooters will have to be able to maintain 55mph at times.
*NOT FOR 50cc Scooters*

It will be a ride specifically geared for folks that like LONG rides.

See beautiful bayou sights as well as riding along long isolated roads through cow pastures and cane fields and cypress swamps with lots of twisties. Plantations, alligators, tons of pelicans, blue and white herons, egrets, ducks and possibly even see an eagle or two.

So, again, this is a LONG ride and designed for folks who want to get out of the city for the DAY.